Every story has a journey of its own!
For years now we have been creating life stories and we are proud of our achievements because we know that these stories are the most important ones.

Our Centre was created in 1985 and was one of the first centers for Assisted Reproduction in Greece. Our aim is to provide a human approach to Assisted Reproduction, since we appreciate that it is a process characterized by both emotional and physical insecurity. Every case is unique to us, while our goal is the same in all of them. To create happy parents!

Our many years of experience and fully qualified staff guarantee the best possible results, which is reflected in our high success rates.

We train prospective parents by informing them about every stage of the procedure, making them active participants in reaching the decision that is best for them.

Welcome to BIOGENESIS, together we will start your most beautiful story!
BIOGENESIS at a glance
Reception - Waiting area

Welcome to BIOGENESIS.

We want above all our facilities to be functional for our visitors and for our employees.

That’s why we tried to create the waiting area, the laboratory as well as the medical, examination and treatment areas, a homey, secure and reassuring environment.

All spaces were designed according to the most strict European Standards for Health Service Providers.

On our premises, which are located on the 1st floor of the GENESIS Clinic, are embryological laboratories, freezing rooms, semen analysis room, operating rooms, ultrasound rooms, resuscitation rooms, counseling offices as well as doctors' offices.

Medical and laboratory equipment is state-of-the-art and follows the evolution of assisted reproduction.

In this friendly, polite and high-tech environment of BIOGENESIS, many visitors start every day a new "Life Journey"

Consultation Offices

In BIOGENESIS Counseling Offices specialized doctors with a very high level of knowledge and experience discuss the procedure after the investigation of infertility, the diagnosis of the exact causes and the steps to be followed in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the couple, which is the acquisition of a child.

Ultrasound Rooms

The ultrasound room, which combines a comfortable and friendly environment with high-tech equipment, the woman is monitored at regular intervals until scheduled for oocyte pick -up.

Operation Theatres

This is where surgical procedures take place, such as ovum collection, cyst paracenteses, and testicular biopsies (FNA/TESE), as well as insemination and embryo transfers.

Resuscitation rooms

We created a warm and intimate environment for the most important moment of the process. In this environment, the woman is preparing for her entry into the surgery and her recovery after the surgery.


Embryology Laboratory

In the Embryology Laboratory embryologists carry out ovum fertilisation with the classic IVF or microfertilisation (ICSI) methods. The embryos that are produced are cultivated in the special incubators and their development is assessed. Furthermore, the laboratory also carries out embryo and blastocyst biopsies for preimplantation diagnosis.

Sperm Laboratory

The sperm laboratory, with cutting edge technology at its disposal, is where sperm processing takes place.

Freezing Area

Sperm, eggs and embryos are frozen in the freezing area.

Quality and safety
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Quality and safety
Important factors at assisted reproduction units - apart from their people - are safety and certified procedures!

Having relocated to the new GENESIS Clinic in 2006, we now operate under cutting edge specifications as regards technology and infrastructure, in the safe environment of a Combined Obstetrics Surgery Hospital. This advantage secures significant benefits for our patients:

• Immediate response by specialised medical staff 24 hours a day, offering safe conditions for any procedure carried out

• Lower costs for GENESIS clinic services

• Direct access to the entire range of additional services and tests related to assisted reproduction, as well as labour at a later stage

We are on the front lines of global research and medical developments in the reproduction sector, offering high level services. Our Unit’s success rates are particularly high among women of all ages.

Biogenesis laboratories, cutting edge equipment and procedures are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Our successful results provide us with the opportunity to participate in the annual European IVF Monitoring program (EIM), which operates as part of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). We try to always be one step ahead of everyone else, to stand out!